Darnley Brake Specialists

When it comes to brakes, we know our stuff at Househill Garage which is why we have plenty of happy customers. We know how important it is for brakes to be in full working order, otherwise the consequences can be very serious. When we carry out your MOT, brakes are one of the most important components to be tested. All vehicles have different braking systems but we stock and fit brake pads, discs, callipers, shoes, drums and cylinders for most makes and models – all the essential parts that make your car come to a stop safely.

If you’re looking to have your brakes checked, our qualified brake technicians will be happy to help whatever the make and model of your vehicle is. Regular brake tests will help to identify any potential problems and we can get it sorted quickly for you.

When Should I Replace my Brakes?

There’s no specific answer to this, simply because the way you drive can affect how long your brakes last. However, it’s recommended that your brake pads should be replaced when they have worn down to 3mm thickness. Brake discs usually have a manufacturer’s specification and should be replaced when they fall below this.

It’s common for the front brakes to need replaced before the rear brakes. This is due to the braking load, which is taken mainly by the front brakes. If your brakes feel hard or spongy, make noises when you press the brake pedal or your steering wheel vibrates then it’s worth getting a professional to take a look, as these can all be signs that something is wrong in your braking system.

When we inspect brakes we look at all the components to make sure everything is in working order. If we find anything that needs replaced, then we’ll let you know before doing any work. Any parts that we do repair are covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Brake Fluid Replacement Service

As well as repairing and fitting brakes we can also replace brake fluid at our busy garage in Darnley. Over time brake fluid absorbs water and becomes less effective, meaning that your brakes won’t work properly. Whilst brake fluid is checked at your service, it’s important if you’re doing a lot of driving to regularly monitor your levels.

It’s recommended that you replace your brake fluid every 2 years and our brake fluid replacement service can be booked online for a competitive price. During this we’ll empty your tank, flush the system and clean out any residue before replacing the brake fluid.

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We’ve successfully fitted and repaired thousands of braking systems on all types of vehicles, as well as replacing gallons of brake fluid. We’re local experts in Darnley and can help to get your car back on the road in no time. All our services can be booked online whether it’s a brake fluid change or to have your brakes inspected if you think something is wrong.

Simply enter your vehicle registration to get an instant price and book your car in now. You don’t pay until the work is done.